Glideaway Classic Bed Frame

Glideaway Classic Bed Frame

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Just like Bedding Plus Mattress, Glideaway, is a family-owned company. Their products are designed to be green footprint friendly offering longevity at a reasonable price. Their first patent was the first metal slatless rail system. Since then, Glideaway has produced several other patents and continues their record of innovation with lasting strength in durability.

Another similarity between both companies is Bedding Plus Mattress is ran by two brothers, Troy and Shane Mutter from Louisiana, while Glideaway was founded by The Fredman Brothers Furniture Company. Bedding Plus Mattress is a subsidiary of Doerr Furniture who began its business in 1938. This gives customers access to a longtime family legacy of furniture industry specialists.

Glideaway supplies retailers with a variety of products such as bed frames, mattresses and pillows. Their bed frames are manufactured in the United States with American steel, headquartered in Missouri.

Grab this easy to use sturdy bed frame in one of our many local Louisiana store locations.

Buy a second one to have on hand, if you have a multiple bed household. Available for an in store pick up alone or towards an add on piece when you buy a qualifying free set up and delivery item.

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